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We've had Bassets in our lives for over 30 years.  Our kennel name, BoBac comes from our first two bassets, Bogie and Bacall.  They were not show quality, just wonderful companions.  

In August of 1995, at 12 1/2 we had to put Bogie down.  We were with him until he took his final breath.  Bacall developed severe and painful back problems and we had to put her down just 3 months later.  She was 9 1/2.  We said no more.  Well, that lasted about 3 months.  We had to have another Basset.  Sound familiar? 

We started looking around and found a lady with a litter only a few days old.  About 12 weeks later and a lot of hounding (no pun intended), we got our new boy (Augie).  We owe a lot to this breeder, Harriet Richman (Hobbit Hill) for giving us a chance.  Showing was new to us.  We got hooked in a hurry.  We've met loads of new friends, in and out of the breed.  We've learned a lot and we keep on learning.  

We enjoy training and showing our dogs.  We started with Conformation and are now working our dogs in Obedience Trials.

We travel to American Kennel Club (AKC) shows about 15 weekends a year, most within 300 miles of our home.  Once a year we make the trip to the Basset Hound Club of America's National Specialty Show.  We enjoy the friendships and it's quite a site to see 400 plus Bassets take over a hotel for a week.

Sharon is the past Operations Director of North Texas Basset Hound Rescue, Inc.  Richard was treasurer of this non-profit 501c corporation.  As breeders, we understand the importance of rescue.

We live on 11 acres northwest of Santa Fe, NM. We relocated to our home in 2012. As you can tell from the pictures of Our Dogs, they are house dogs. 

We are members of Basset Hound Club of America, Basset Hound Club of Greater Fort Worth and several other basset hound clubs.  Sharon is past President of the Basset Hound Club of Greater Fort Worth.  Richard is past President and is currently Secretary of the Fort Worth club. Richard has served as Director, 1st VP and President of the Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA).  Richard is approved by the AKC  to judge Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds and Junior Showmanship. Sharon is approved by the AKC to judge Basset Hounds.


Richard & Sharon Nance  -  Abiquiu, NM  -  (505) 685-9422

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